Friday, August 6, 2010

FREE Analysis of an Energy Storage System

ICeL will be raffling a FREE analysis of a proposed energy storage system for a specific residential or light commercial application. Keep It Simple - if you want to retrofit your renewable energy setup with iCeL technology or add a state-of-the-art auxiliary power supply to your home, there is an iCeL System for you.Through a simple process, any properly trained electrician can retrofit a home with the most basic iCeL System in just a few hours. To enter the raffle simply RSVP for the Wise Power Use ExpoWinners will be announced at the event and must be present to claim prize.

Integrated Energy Storage Systems will store electrical energy from wind, solar, fuel cell and the grid using integrated cells of electric  lithium. These systems allow the owner to shave peak loads thus reducing their overall use and cost from the grid. They give back up power if the grid is down or in emergencies like an earthquake. Normal solar systems back feed the grid and automatically shut down if the grid goes down for grid safety reasons. ICeLs also allow your solar systems to run in an emergency during sunny days and keep energy storage for use when sun is not out or at night.

See ICeL at the Wise Power Use Expo – they will have samples of the energy storage units, with pictures and diagrams of existing systems. They will also have educational diagrams of how energy storage works with solar or other alternative energy solutions.

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