Saturday, August 7, 2010

Open Neighborhoods - Go Solar 2010!

Open Neighborhoods is currently presenting a four-month community GoSolar program that offers free solar workshops and information sessions where participants will be eligible to receive a free solar assessment on their home or business and an opportunity to take advantage of unbeatable solar pricing due to group discounts, rebates and incentives. The program is open to residential and commercial customers of both LADWP and SoCal Edison and includes options to lease or purchase solar power. The GoSolar 2010 runs through December 3rd, 2010. Interested participants can sign up to request a free solar assessment prior to the program end date.

They will be donating a free Energy Saving Kit from EarthAid as a raffle item! These items would retail for $72.00 and would pay for themselves in 10 months – and save you close to $100 a year in electricity every year they are in use! The kit will include -
Stop by their table to learn about:
Free solar workshops
Group purchasing discount
Residential or commercial
Immediate savings on your electric bill
Free Solar Assessment


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